Bring colour to your style with Ronit Furst glasses

If like us, you have a love of colour and art, Ronit Furst glasses are the ideal eyewear for you. With every pair hand-painted in a range of eye-catching designs and bold colours, these glasses really are works of art. Read on to find out more…

Who is Ronit Furst?

Ronit is a sculptor and ceramic artist based in Israel. She first got the idea to create eyewear in 2001, when she wanted new colourful glasses for herself but couldn’t find any she liked. So, she painted her design onto plain clear frames. It didn’t take long for requests to start flooding in and Ronit’s husband, Ehut Bibring, saw the business potential. After a lot of research, the pair established a company and factory, then named Art Optic Ltd.

Hand-painted designs

Every single pair of Ronit Furst glasses is painstakingly painted by hand. First, the frames are made from CNC-machined acetate. Then, each pair is painted by a team of talented painters, working to Ronit’s design briefs. The glasses are coated with user-friendly lacquer, making them durable and long-lasting.

You may have spotted Ronit Furst’s designs being worn by celebrity baker Prue Leith. Glasses in artistic, colourful designs fit perfectly with Prue’s unique style!

High-quality materials


While the design is the star of the show when it comes to Ronit Furst eyewear, the company understands that you need a strong foundation to support any design. We spend many hours perfecting our frames so they are both stylish and comfortable to wear. Each pair of glasses has state-of-the-art OBE flexUno® hinges, made to last.

Add some colour to your life

Express your individuality and personal style with your own pair of Ronit Furst colourful glasses. Visit our opticians in Belper to browse the collection and bring some colour into your life. Feel free to contact us for opening times or to arrange a frame styling consultation so our styling expert can take the time to help you find the right pair to suit you.