Sunglasses – the perfect Christmas gift

Are you struggling with Christmas gift ideas? It can be an arduous task to decide on the perfect present for a friend or relative. Well, we think we’ve got just what you might be looking for!

We believe a carefully selected pair of sunglasses ticks the three boxes of being exciting, practical, and thoughtful as the gift.

Here are our top 5 reasons for considering sunglasses as your Christmas gift this year:

Never go out of style

Since sunglasses first broke onto the scene way back when they have remained iconic. They can tie up a whole outfit and can accent looks with bold, subtle, and sophisticated statements.

While woolly socks should always be gratefully received – their use is limited to the colder months of the year. Sunglasses, however, are omni-seasonal!

Budgets for everyone

At our opticians in Belper, we try to offer options in price ranges for everyone. For example, Chloe offers a range of beautiful sunglasses for women. Their interpretation of femininity fuses modernity with French luxury.

Big-name designer sunglasses, however, are not for everyone. We also have options like Eco Eyewear for those who put sustainability at the forefront – and with designs that still capture style and grace.

Horses for courses

Sunglasses can be used in a variety of different scenarios, and while one pair might be enough for some people, having a choice of different pairs can be extremely useful for others. 

Sea2See sunglasses are made from recycled ocean plastic and are an excellent choice for water lovers, who’d perhaps like to save their favourite pair of Swarovski sunglasses for less intrepid days out.

Drive safe

The sun in the wintertime is always welcome – but when it’s positioned low in the sky it can increase glare, which reflects off flat surfaces like the road, and cause you to squint and experience eye strain.

Shades for driving can make all the difference, especially if they have polarised lenses which are specially designed to eliminate glare from low-lying sun.

UV protection

UV protection is the most practical and the most important reason for wearing sunglasses. Even the winter sun can damage our eyes on bright but overcast days.

So, high quality sunglasses not only give style and beauty through the winter and beyond, but they also include the gift of caring to help prevent the development of eye conditions later in life, like cataracts or macular degeneration.

Visit our opticians in Belper

Feel free to visit us in practice to get a feel for the range and quality of brands we offer and get further advice on choosing a pair of sunglasses – either for you or a loved one this Christmas.