Our Eye Test

At Belper Opticians, we ensure that every patient receives a thorough and informative eye examination. A regular eye examination is an essential health check, whether you require glasses or not. Your eye examination not only reveals the need for a spectacle prescription, but can also reveal many suspect signs of disease, both eye related and otherwise.

Every eye examination will include free digital retinal photography, which will allow us to monitor changes in your eye health more accurately than comparing notes from previous examinations.

If it is decided during your eye exam that you will benefit from a new prescription for spectacles, our optometrists will provide expert advice in selecting the lens that will best suit your lifestyle and budget.

We are committed to ensuring that no patient at our practice feels rushed or uncomfortable during their visit to us, so that we can fully investigate any needs that you may have and provide the best possible solutions.

To book in for your eye exam today please use the link below, or call us on 01773 825614 if you would prefer to speak to a receptionist before booking. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.